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Elcommtech Advantages
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Elcommtech Adavantages

Elcommtech Advantages

Elcommtech Advantages

1. Plug-and-Play Operation With no Adjustments

All Elcommtech's systems are designed for plug-and-play operation. No electrical or optical adjustments are required during system installation.

2. Fault Tollerant and Hot-Swappable Rack Mountable Units

All Elcommtech rack modules are designed for hot-swappable and fault tollerant operation. Every subrack has a hot-swappable power supply module - there are no fixed active components in the rack. Also, a model of subrack with dual redundant power supplies is available for applications that require redundant power sources.

3. Quality Assurance

Every unit manufactured by Elcommtech is thorough;y tested for full compliance with its specifications. All units are tested using industry standard test equipment. Units are released only after all tests are passed satisfactory.

4. Built-in Power Circuit Protection

All Elcommtech units incorporate resettable fuses to protect customer's power circuits. All rack cards have individual

5. Superior Transmission Quality

At Elcommtech we believe in getting the absolute maximum capabilities of every design we deliver. Why should we produce another me-2 medioca system if we get a better design at the same cost? Leveraging on it's superior engineering capabilities Elcommtech was the first company to deliver either near-broadcast or full broadcast quality within it's entire product range at a very low competitive price.

6. Detailed Status Indicators

Every Elcommtech's design incorporates a large variety of indicator LEDs that simplify the assesment of the system status. We believe that having more indicators won't hurt while reducing them may complicate maintenance. As an example, a simple FM video only transmitter/receiver includes 3 separate LEDs: power, FM carrier presense and Video presense. These 3 LEDs allow to unambiguosly determine possible states of the system in the case of troubleshooting.

7. User-friendly Design Packaging

All Elcommtech's rack units have removable brackets allowing flexibility during the installation. All standalone system modules feature connectors placed on the same side while LEDs can be placed on the connector side panel or on the face panel of the unit (at customer's request).